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Annual Christmas Dinner

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Entrance to Sundance Resort Restaurants Entrance to Sundance Resort's Restaurants

The Foundry Grill at the Sundance Resort Hotel The Foundry Grill at the Sundance Resort Hotel

Steven Whitney on snowy mountain area Annual Report Presenter — Steven Whitney

Our 2023 Annual Christmas Dinner in Sundance, Utah, was a success and raised over $900 for Western Lands Preservation's land acquisition coffer.

We have not yet set the date and place for our 2024 Annual Christmas Dinner.  We'll post the details here in the fall.  Subscribe to our Founder's News / Blog as we'll send out an announcement email once details are available.  It will be fun to meet you there.

Meet new people and make new friends who also love the West.  Partake in Western Lands Preservation's Annual Christmas Dinner, this year held in Sundance, Utah, the evening of Tuesday, December 19th, 2023, at the Sundance Resort Hotel (The Foundry Grill).

After hot mulled wine and dinner, Steven Whitney, the 18-year-old founder of Western Lands Preservation, will present his annual report, followed by an auction of a few Badger Badge Sponsor products, and then a bit more conversation.

Approximately $145 of the dinner price will go to land acquisition.

NOTE: Price is to attend event, and does not include transportation to or from the event.

Why have a dinner?

Steven Whitney by aspen tree in Utah.

Dear Attendees and Not Attendees,

Western Lands Preservation is just starting out, with only 30 acres of land to preserve.  So you might ask, "Why even have an Annual Dinner?"

We made our first land purchase in August 2022, and we couldn't have done it without our members; they were the most influential part of funding the endeavor.  Each member is an indispensible part of our dream.

I want to share my delight in the people and companies who understand our vision, our goals, and are helping us get there.  With over 1.5 million charitable organizations vying for their attention, we are unique in that we are a for profit enterprise.  As direct owners of the land we preserve, we value that land more than a charity board member who owns nothing.  When you reflect on whether to attend our event, ask yourself who takes care of their home more, one who owns it or one that rents it?

I look forward to meeting you, and thanking you.

—  Steven Whitney

Steven's Vision

Badger Badge Story

Entrance to Sundance Resort restaurants on a winter day.
Sundance Resort Hotel in Utah.

The Who, What, When, Where, . . .

Who: Anyone with $245 and penchant for adventure (seating limited).
~ 6pmMulled spiced wine and conversation
~ 7pmOpen menu dinner, salad, desert and coffee
~ 8pmSteven Whitney's annual report presentation
~ 9pmAuction and more conversation
When: Tuesday, December 19th, 2023, from ~6 to ~9pm
Where: Sundance Resort Hotel  —  The Foundry Grill
8841 N Alpine Loop Rd, Sundance, UT 84604
(866) 932-2295
Why: Meet people and make new friends who love the Western U.S.
Size: Limited to 18 attendees.
How: Purchase tickets by December 18th, 2023, at the top of this page.  Tickets are non-refundable, non-tax deductible.

To Attend or Not To Attend?

Reasons To Attend . . .

Love the West.

Meeting new people is great.

Not so busy on the 19th and need to eat.

Have $245 to spare on a nice dinner.

Love nature.

Love steak and potatoes*.

Christmas is wonderful.

Reasons Not To . . .

Not in love with the West.

Meeting new people is scary.

Too busy on the 21st of December.

Do not have $245 to spare.

Not really interested in nature.

Steak and potatoes are not for me.*

Don't like Christmas.   (Really?)

* Actually, it's open menu.

What You Get

via Annual Christmas Dinner

  • Mulled Wine
    Nothing touches a person more than to start with a warm mug of mulled spiced wine.
  • Conversation
    We arrange the seating to ensure lively conversation.
  • Dinner
    An open menu dinner, salad, dessert, and coffee/tea.
  • Steven Whitney's Annual Report Presentation
    From the heart of Western Lands Preservation, learn of this year's accomplishments, and of those in the works.
  • Auction
    A chance to bid on a few sponsor products, along with a camping trip for two days for two, guided by Western Lands Preservation directors.
  • A Smile
    Knowing that your purchase helps preserve Western Lands.

Annual Christmas Dinner

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