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Make sure your assets are used to help preserve western lands for future generations.  Did you know that a bequest in your will or living trust requires no upfront commitment of assets and is revocable prior to your passing.

Western Lands Preservation accepts no taxpayer funds for any aspect of our operations.  The generously of individuals is a welcome part of our enterprise.  Note: Bequests to Western Lands Preservation are not tax-deductible.

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Steven Whitney, Founder
Western Lands Preservation

The Oak of the Shimmering Woods

by Steven Whitney

Once upon a time
In a land very far away
In the center of the Shimmering Woods,
Stood an oak.

It was wide as the Keep,
And as tall as the Tower,
With branches spread in a canopy of green.
Truly magnificent it was.

A boy once wandered the Shimmering Woods
And happened upon this oak
And gazed at its unclimbed heights
And the many worlds within.

The kingdom fell into war
And the boy became a soldier.
When then enemy sought his scalp,
He found refuge behind the oak.

When many wars had passed,
With the soldier now a man,
He built a cabin out of wood
But just couldn't fell the oak.

As the months turned into years,
The man aged to an Elder.
He looked upon his life,
And he looked upon the tree.

You were with me as a child, he said.
And with me as I aged.
But I'm afraid my time has come.
Goodbye my friend the oak.

With seasons and seasons gone by,
And many friends at rest by his roots,
He'll yet have many more:
The Oak of the Shimmering Woods.

Copyright © 2020 Steven Whitney

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