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First-Rate Products We Like

We buy and use outdoor products, and some we really like.  We get nothing in return for pointing these out with our Badger First-Rate Seal, other than the joy of sharing what we think are quality products with others . . .

Victorinox - Switzerland

Swiss Champ Pocket Knife

We start with our #1 'go to' Swiss Army knife, the Swiss Champ from Victornox.  These are not for the thrifty, but they will last you a lifetime.  Most of ours are 10+ years old, and yet they are still going strong.

We have one in each vehicle and have them with us on every camping/hiking trip we make.  Even when flying overseas, they are in our luggage.  Why?  Because they are so versatile, with multiple knives, scissors, a hole cutter, can opener, file, corkscrew, pliers, screw drivers, teasers, a toothpick, pen, magnifying glass, saw, ruler, etc.  Countless times these knives have quickly made an unpleasant event like a sliver, an easy problem to solve.

A note on the Leather Pouch.  Yes it costs more, but get it.  It will help keep dirt and grime out and help your knife from getting all banged up.

Can't say enough about this tool.  We would love to sell these, but this is not okay with Victornox -- yet.  You can find these in most quality hardware stores, and remember, put one in each of your vehicles.  Made in Switzerland.  Learn more at . . .

Victornox  —  Swiss Champ

Haven Tents - USA

Safari Model

Haven Safari tent in Aspen grove. Badger Badge First-Rate Seal

This was a surprise find at the 2023 Hunt Expo in Salt Lake City.  After talking to Haven Tents at the show and getting inside the show model, I decided to take the plunge and purchase the Safari model for myself, with all the bells and whistles.

The Haven Tents hammock solves the issue of sleeping on a hard surface, and it gets you off the damp forest floor.  You also don't have to worry about rocks, or finding a flat area.  Then the tent's base bows eliminate the hammock banana problem that makes sleeping in a hammock no fun.

With a heavy school load, it was a few months before I was able to try out my Haven Tents hammock.  At 25 lbs, once you add the lights, handheld air pump, and extra pad, this is not something you want to take on a lengthy wilderness trail trip, but it you are just hiking in a mile, it is like having your hotel room bed with you.

Really enjoy this hammock tent, and I even take it on trailer camping trips, as it allows me to sleep or take naps outside the trailer in comfort.  Made in China.  Learn more at . . .

Haven Tents  —  Safari Model

Butler Bags - USA

All Season Sleeping Bag

Butler Bags All Season Sleeping Bag. Badger Badge First-Rate Seal

One of our directors, who shall remain nameless, has been using a $100 Costco sleeping bag for 20 years, so maybe it was time for a new one?  Having seen these up close at the 2023 Hunt Expo in Salt Lake City, two were procured.

Upon arrival the bags were immediately tried out, with smiles all around.  No more freezing in cold weather, and the flexibility of the built in layers, lets you switch between more padding or more warmth.  No more trucking along extra blankets.

At nearly 25 lbs though, their not for hiking into the wilderness.  But for vehicle tent camping, they're the cats meow!  It also helps that Clint Eastwood is a happy customer.  Made in USA.  Learn more at . . .

Butler Bags  —  All Season Sleeping Bag

Jumping Jack - USA

6x8 Blackout Tent Trailer

Jumping Jack 6x8 Blackout Tent Trailer. Badger Badge First-Rate Seal

Love this trailer.  Road trips, instant camping, hauling furniture, picking up a washer and dryer, you name it, this versatile tent trailer combo can do it all.  No need to have a pickup truck, when you have one of these.

At only 1250 lbs, it's a breeze for almost any vehicle to tow.  They are well built and constructed like an Erector Set.  You can add later any of their options, and maybe some new ones that you create.

Can't say enough about this great, family owned, American company and their tent trailers.  They have been making them for 20 years, so by now they're a sweet package.  Made in USA.  Learn more at . . .

Jumping Jack  —  6x8 Blackout Tent Trailer

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