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Note from Steven on Newsletter/Blog

Steven Whitney sitting on rock in the Western United States.

Wait, Steven, why are you writing a newsletter/blog for Western Lands Preservation?

Because people are interested in our progress.  So far, I've only been communicating with members and sponsors through our Biannual Reports, and there was no way for anyone else to know what we're up to.  Our newsletter is to inform anyone who's interested in us and our vision, including our members and sponsors, of what's going on with WLP.  If you sign up, I let you know in an email whenever I write a new post.

I write posts a few times a year.  Not too often, since I dislike frequent emails as much as anyone else.  It's also not a hard and fast schedule - I write when I have something to say to our audience.  And you can always unsubscribe.

So, if you'd like to know what WLP is up to, use the button below to subscribe or email us.

—  Steven Whitney