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Musings & News From Steven Whitney

Top View of Soldier Canyon, Utah..

First Preserve

12 September 2022

Western Lands Preservation just bought 30 acres of land up Soldier Canyon in Tooele, Utah - our very first property!

The deal closed . . .

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Burnt tree.

Thoughts On Fire

7 August 2022

I'd like to talk about some burnt trees.

To preface, we were in Utah, going to look at some land . . .

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Mountain creek.

Lets Go On A Hike

12 June 2022

It was Sunday, June 12th, when I said to my dad, "Let's go on a hike."  And so we did.  Up American Fork Canyon nearby.  We drove to a lake in the canyon, and it looked . . .

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Steven Whitney enjoying some snow.

Wyoming Outback

15 April 2022

Another drive to our 40 acres of Wyoming outback.  I hadn't been there in six months and was hoping to experience some snow before . . .

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