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Musings & News From Steven Whitney

Western Lands Preservation and the East

4 January 2024

At this point I've spent four months in Ithaca, New York, attending college.  That's some 1,800 miles away from Utah, WLP, and the Preserve.  I've only visited the Eastern States once before . . .

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Annual Christmas Dinner 2023

18 November 2023

Meet new people and make new friends who also love the West.  Partake in Western Lands Preservation's Annual Christmas Dinner, this year held in . . .

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7:30am at the Meeting Point for the first Western Lands Preservation Perserve Hike.

First Member Hike

5 August 2023

I've written this blog post to commemorate our very first member hike to the Preserve!  Many thanks to Bill Gerrard, our official first tourist to our land, and the beginning of many more . . .

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Booth exhibit at the Hunt Expo show in 2023.


18 February 2023

So we attended the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo here in Salt Lake City recently.  Even though it is mainly geared towards hunting, we figured there would be a lot about the outdoors and might spark some ideas for WLP . . .

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First Preserve

12 September 2022

Western Lands Preservation just bought 30 acres of land up Soldier Canyon in Tooele, Utah - our very first property!

The deal closed . . .

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Thoughts On Fire

7 August 2022

I'd like to talk about some burnt trees.

To preface, we were in Utah, going to look at some land . . .

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Mountain creek.

Lets Go On A Hike

12 June 2022

It was Sunday, June 12th, when I said to my dad, "Let's go on a hike."  And so we did.  Up American Fork Canyon nearby.  We drove to a lake in the canyon, and it looked . . .

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Steven Whitney enjoying some snow.

Wyoming Outback

15 April 2022

Another drive to our 40 acres of Wyoming outback.  I hadn't been there in six months and was hoping to experience some snow before . . .

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