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Founder Steven Whitney sitting on a rock

Steven Whitney

Founder / President / Director

Steven has always been fascinated with nature.  Stemming from camping, hiking and outdoor adventures while growing up, a wild love for the landscapes of the Western United States developed.  At 15 he decided to found Western Lands Preservation as a way to maintain those landscapes in their pristine natural beauty.

Today, Steven attends college studying Civil Engineering in New York.  When not working on course work, tests or WLP, Steven might be preparing a Victor Borge piano skit, building a wood picnic table, experimenting with new software, or using Amateur Radio to communicate with friends.

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The Badger Badge Story

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Founder John Whitney on hill

John Whitney


Having started three public software companies, lived and worked around the world, there is nothing like preserving what is falling away today.  After a rewarding career in software, marketing, and sales, John Whitney continues management in software development.  I'm thrilled to be able to assist Steven a smidgen with Western Lands Preservation.  Steven, thank you for running the show.

Besides assisting Western Lands Preservation in his spare time, John may be restoring a radio, tinkering with a Teletype, reading rare history books, or heading into the woods with family.

"Time with nature is time well lived."

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Founding advisor Joy Whitney sitting on a rock

Joy Whitney


Lover of the outdoors, adventure and wildlife.  Joy has had a rewarding career in the legal profession, in corporate law, patents, trademarks, and intellectual property.  Residing in Florida, she makes it to the Western States 2-3 times a year, enjoying Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana and Colorado.  Joy is a patriot, a fine marksman, and all around good spirit.

"A bad hair day ruins a saunterly hike every time."

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