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How Badger Badge Works

The Badger Badge

Would you like to . . .

       increase your online/offline sales

by . . .

        •  Planting Trees ?
        •  Preserving Lands ?
        •  Protecting Habitats ?

This is what the Badger Badge is accomplishing.


How To Use

View of Badger Badge in use

When you sign up for a Badger Badge, you'll get the code to place our Badger Badge anywhere on your website.  You could place it on your website's checkout page, which would let your customers know that you are a supporter of preserving Western Lands.  Your customers would be happy to see you supporting this cause, and they would be happier to pay for your products.  Customers can click on your Badger Badge, and they will be taken to a sponsor's page on our website.  On that page, your customers learn the role your company plays in preserving Western Lands.  Click to view . . .

Example Badger Badge
Sponsor Page

We envision our Badger Badge being placed on checkout pages or informational pages, but you can do most anything you want with our Badger Badge.  Want to print it out and have it put on a van for marketing?  Email us and we'll send you a higher resolution image you can use for that.

On some store-bought products, you'll sometimes see a sticker that might say something like "1% of profits go to saving the rainforests!"  Think of the Badger Badge as the same thing, except on a website, where it can be seen by millions more people, anywhere in the world.


You Set The Amount

You, not us, decide how much to sponsor us, based on your sales.  You input your yearly sales and choose a percentage of that revenue to sponsor Western Lands Preservation with.  The minimum is $1,000 annually.  In return, we send you the HTML for several Badger Badges that you can cut and paste to anywhere on your website.

View of Badger Badge Sponsor report chart

When you get the Badger Badge, you also gain access to a statistics page, which tells you the number of clicks by your customers on your Badger Badge.  This page is only accessible if you have your company's 12-digit ID, so only you can see the report.  Click image to view Example Sponsor Report.

When 12 months pass, it is up to you whether to continue signing up for the Badger Badge or not.  You also can adjust your sponsorship however much you want each year.  We do not restrict you to anything.

Select A Badger Badge or Create One

Select from one of our Badger Badges, or create a custom one that works better for you.  With custom designed badges, we ask that you run them by us before deploying, to make sure they do not veer from our branded Badger Badge image and company logo.

Next Step Options

Get Badge to sign up as a Sponsor and benefit from the Badger Badge now.

Take our PR survey to explore how Badger Badge may or may not help you.

Or, email us to have Steven Whitney twist your arm a bit.

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