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How It Works

The Badger Badge

Would you like to . . .

        increase your online/offline sales

by . . .

        •  Planting Trees ?
        •  Preserving Lands ?
        •  Protecting Habitats ?

This is what the Badger Badge accomplishes.

During Checkout

On your website, and during checkout, you would place the Badger Badge, which lets your customers know that 'what they value' is benefited when they purchase from your company.

Clicking on your company's Badger Badge, displays for your customer what the Badger Badge accomplishes for the preservation of Western Lands.  Your customers learn the role your company plays, and the role their purchase has, in this endeavor.

You Set The Amount

You, not us, decide how much to sponsor (min $300 annually) based on your sales.  Your customers can learn about your sponsoring Western Lands Preservation by clicking on the Badger Badge, learning what we do.  We do not share the amount of your annual sponsorship, but you can.

Annually we report to you the interest your Badger Badge has had with your customers, and the progress we have made in Western Lands Preservation, via our quarterly report to sponsors.  You decide whether to continue or not, or how much to adjust your sponsorship each year.

Next Step

Click the Get Badge button below to sign up to and get your Badger Badge.

Or email us, and our founder Steven Whitney  will reach out and twist your arm a bit . . .

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