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Fall aspens.

Rocky trail.

Whitetail deer.

Green mountain.

Every Land Coffer Contribution, after taxes, goes directly into the WLP land coffer, the namesake for our land purchasing account, and we use this money to purchase new lands to preserve.  In August 2022, we were able to use our Land Coffer Contributions to help fund our first land purchase — Preserve #1.

Land Coffer Contributions are non-tax deductible, because Western Lands Preservation is a for-profit enterprise.  Why?  In short, it is because we are opposed to benefiting from the government's tax breaks when it means individuals who may not support our mission and our vision will have to then pay more in their taxes.

Thank you for considering a Land Coffer Contribution.  Again, in these early stages of WLP, each Land Coffer Contribution has so much more of an effect on our growth and our cause.

What You Get

Via Contribution

  • Knowledge
    Knowing your non-tax deductible contribution is directly applied to our land coffer for the sole purpose of purchasing Western Lands.
  • Thank You Note
    A personal thank you note from Steven Whitney.
  • A Smile
    Knowing that your contribution helps preserve Western Lands.

Land Coffer Contribution

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