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What Is Membership?

It means you share Steven's Vision for Western Lands Preservation and want to help him get there, for your future benefit, and for the benefit of generations to come.

In 2022, Western Lands Preservation purchased its first acre with Preserve #1.  This would not have been possible without the response of companies and individuals.  Each member is instrumental in this effort.

Help preserve Western Lands for you and future generations with a renewable membership, which lets you say, "I was there when Western Lands Preservation was just a gleam in Steven's eye."

A Note from Steven on Your Membership

Dear Members and Not-Members,

Thank you for considering a Western Lands Preservation Membership.  WLP is just starting out, so each new member means the world to us.

Primarily you'll benefit from seeing our Biannual Reports.  We're a young business, so I'm afraid membership doesn't have more tangible benefits than that.  But we're grateful you're willing to help us out in these early stages that we usually give courtesy gifts to our members now and then.  It's not officially part of the membership, though, so I can't make promises.

As WLP grows bigger, you'll be able to see new benefits come to your membership like members' passes to our nature preserves or special invitations to our annual dinner.  Without help from others who care about nature, these things may not come to pass.

But most of all, we'll never forget the people who helped us out from our beginning.

—  Steven Whitney

Steven's Vision

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Gift a Membership to a Relative or Friend

Purchase a membership for a relative or a friend.  Let them learn, via your gift, about Western Lands Preservation's efforts to preserve the disappearing natural landscapes in the Western Mountain States, for a better environment, for healthier wildlife habitats, and as we grow, for the enjoyment by members and future generations.

What You Get

Via Membership

  • Membership
    12-Month, renewable, membership in Western Lands Preservation.
  • Biannual Reports
    Steven's Whitney twice a year progress report to members.
  • Bragging Rights
    Providing you consider your Membership ID to be a low number.
  • A Smile
    From knowing your membership supports Western Lands Preservation.