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Native deciduous tree

Native deciduous tree from the back

When you purchase a Plant a Deciduous Badger Buy, we plant or transplant the seedling of a deciduous tree on land owned and managed by Western Lands Preservation.  "Transplant?" you ask.  By transplant, we mean taking a seedling from a group of seedlings spaced too close together for them to all survive.  If a group of three seedlings are spaced inches apart, not all three can survive to become adult trees.  We solve this by taking one or more of the seedlings and planting it elsewhere, so more of the trees can likely survive and grow to their full size.  Whether planting or transplanting, a new tree will be free to grow on Western Lands.

When we plant a tree, we make sure the species is correct for its habitat.  We always plant in either spring or fall since that is when the change in habitat is most tolerable for the tree's health.  And we always plant in spots where we believe the tree will have the best chance of surviving.

Since our founding in 2021, all planting for Western Lands Preservation has been done by volunteers!  That means when you buy a Plant a Deciduous Badger Buy, more of your money goes to funding our growth and the further protection of Western Lands.

A Note from Steven on Badger Buys

Dear Prospective Badger Buyers and Not-Buyers,

Since Western Lands Preservation is just starting out, we won't be able to accomplish your Badger Buy right when you buy it.  Right now, we have no lands that we think would benefit from Badger Buy improvements.  Each of our preserves has different needs and characteristics and may or may not benefit from certain Badger Buys.  Our First Preserve page has our specific reasoning for this.

So instead of being used for a Badger Buy right now, your money goes into a reserve fund while we record the purchase of the Bader Buy.  And once we find the best use you Badger Buy can go to, only then will we use your money that we've saved for it.  In this way, we can remain true to the spirit of the Badger Buy, and your money goes where you intended it too.

If you'd like to see your contribution affect WLP's growth right now, consider a Land Coffer Contribution, at least until we grow our breadth of preserves.

—  Steven Whitney

Steven's Vision

Badger Badge Story

What You Get

Via Purchase

  • Deciduous Planting
    We plant a new deciduous tree seedling, or transplant a crowded seedling, on land owned and managed by Western Lands Preservation, at the proper time of the year.
  • Native Species
    We make sure the tree species is native to the area.
  • Thank You Note
    A personal thank you note from Steven Whitney.
  • A Smile
    Knowing that your purchase helps preserve Western Lands.

Plant a Deciduous Tree

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