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Here are nine statements that may apply to how you feel about your company's Public Relations and Marketing initiatives.

Rank each from 1 to 5 on how important they are for you to fix . . .

1. Under pressure because customers increasingly care about the environment, but your firm has little to offer them
2. Concerned about whether your brand is being viewed in a positive light
3. Under pressure to convey your humanity to customers when your product doesn't relate to nature or the environment
4. Concerned that your brand just blends into the competition and doesn't stand out
5. Frustrated that customers perceive your firm only as a consumer of resources (land, forests, food, livestock, electricity, minerals, etc.)
6. Upset with the number of people that visit your website but do not purchase anything
7. Frustrated by PR initiatives where you can't track their effectiveness
8. Concerned that while your company works hard, it may not be contributing to the betterment of the world
9. Frustrated that you are not effectively sharing your joy for nature with your customers

Enter a PR frustration we missed that has you concerned . . .




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