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Greeting Cards

Set of four Greeting Cards from Western Lands Preservation

Our first set of greeting cards are available online and at retailers.  Each 'blank inside' greeting card features a Western Lands photograph taken by a member.  Each card we sell helps us preserve another ~10 ft2 (~1 m2) of forest land, putting a smile on both the sender and recipient alike.

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First Preserve

Utah - Oquirrh Mountains

Western Lands Preservation bought 30 acres of land up Soldier Canyon in Tooele, Utah - our very first property!

Mixed ecosystems of aspen/pine forest, aspen groves, and semiarid mountain slopes.  Status is 'preserve' and not open for member or public activities.

Preserve Details

Western Lands Preservation (WLP) is dedicated to protecting and restoring Western Lands for present and future generations.  Founded by Steven Whitney, WLP seeks to preserve the natural beauty of the Western US.

How We Are Different

  • We purchase and directly steward the land we preserve.
  • We are a for-profit entity and proud of it.  Why?
  • When you sponsor or gift to Western Lands Preservation, or purchase our products, your taxes do not go down, and your neighbor's taxes do not go up.

The Badger Badge Story

It was a sunny day in Wyoming as Western Lands Preservation founder Steven Whitney trotted down a gravel path in the backwoods, stopping now and then then to take a gander at the honeybees buzzing around flowers and the mountain bluebirds perched atop their sagebrush thrones.  At that time, the Western Lands Preservation did not exist, nor had the idea even formed, and so Steven happily ambled downhill without a care in the world that day . . .

The rest of the story . . .

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Companies can sign up for our Badger Badge to let their customers know that they support preserving Western Lands.  Easy to use: simply place HTML code on your web pages.

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Badger First-Rate Seal We buy and use outdoor products, and some we really like.  See what products have earned our Badger First-Rate Seal . . .

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Help me make Western Lands Preservation a legacy for future generations.  Let's both commit to supporting the preservation of Western lands as part of your legacy.

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